Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Little Ice Skater

This past weekend we took the girls (and my mom) to my sisters in College Station. Kinley's been in awe of the ice skaters in the Olympics & she will prance around like she's on the ice at home! So we decided to take her ice skating in CS. They have a really nice rink & I WISH we had one here. She did so great & I was shocked at what a natural she was.  :)
On a sad note.. someone apparently took off with her Justice jacket she just got! SAD SAD SAD! 

And here is a short video of her & her Daddy.. so many people it was hard to get one of just them.


Thank you to my mother in law for making Kinley her cute suit! She loved it! And thanks Sis for keeping Presely while we went skating!! 

Monday, February 17, 2014

Presley's Party

We celebrated Presley's birthday on Saturday the 15th. She had a "you are my sunshine" party & omg it was just too cute :)  I have a million pictures that I will let do the talking...

The banner on the table is the lyrics to "you are my sunshine."

Thanks to everyone who came to party down with Miss P! We appreciate everyones gifts & she really did have a blast.. the weather was perfect & the kids all got along great! Here's to the terrible two's!!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Presley is TWO!

My BABY is 2 years old today! It's truly amazing how fast time flies. I miss her being a baby - she was the best baby anyone could ask for! And she is def already in the TERRIBLE two's! But, gotta love her! She is the most strong willed kid I've ever known, & I thought Kinley was! She knows what she wants & she will fight until she gets it! Watch out future boyfriends! Daddy will be ready & waiting with his guns, but I don't think we're gunna need em with this one! She will take care of herself just fine :P

She won't have her 2 yr check up until late March.. But here's just a few things about Miss Thang.

  • She loves going 'night night' (with her Barney of course) & sleeps 12 hours normally. 7pm-7am. She has always been our sleeper! Naps are another story ;) 
  • She loves playing with her Sissy..and by playing I mean wrestling, of course!
  • She's always always getting into Sissy's makeup or things she's not suppose to. If there is a marker laying around, she will find it. And she will be colored on from head to toe. 
  • She's an outdoors kind of girl like her big sis.
  • She likes to sing songs 
  • She is very excited about the potty! She's gone tee-tee about 5 or 6 times .. but really just likes to sit on her potty seat even if she doesn't go. 
  • Wearing a size 2T .. still in some 24mo things. 
  • Getting into a size 6 shoe
  • Diapers are a size 5

We love you way more than you will ever know, Pretzel! 
Happy Birthday to our wild & crazy 2 year old!!!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Emily's 8th

Miss Emily celebrated her 8th birthday on January 6. We all went out to dinner that night & then she had her party on the 12th at Peter Piper's! It's hard to believe she is 8 years old already!! Kinley & her are truly BFF's!

Happy 8th  Birthday, Emily!!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Christmas 2013

I'm so behind on the blogging, I know! I am just going to do a run down of our Christmas. It was a wonderful break & I am already counting down the days till next Christmas!

Our house all lit up for Holidays
We had a lot of fun with Kringle! The girls especially liked when he brought back letters & activity books from Santa!

 We took the girls to the Gaylord ICE - the theme was Nutcracker. It was so cute & very girly! Presley wasn't that impressed bc it was just too cold for her! 

While we were in town,we took the girls downtown & saw Santa! Wow this was an amazing Santa! I want to take them here every year! 

Christmas morning was a success! 

She was going to be one upset little girl if she didnt get this Dorothy doll!

Christmas with Jeffrey's side of the fam!
Christmas with my side of the fam!
Pretty Christmas babies!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Macy's 3rd Birthday!

Miss Macy turned 3 on Dec 10 & we partied down on the 7th. It was a really cute "Sophia" party & all the kids had so much fun!  
I can't believe Macy is growing up so fast.. makes me sad! 

Opening her present from us. A Sophia dress & tiara!

Happy Birthday Macy! We love you so much & hope you enjoyed your big day!!